Training Center

Adequate education of NDT professionals is an imperative and a prerequisite to fulfill all technical and legal requirements and standards.

CrSNDT has established a Training Center as a part of the CrSNDT LLC.

General requirements for training of NDT personnel are harmonized with the requirements of HRI CEN ISO/TR 25107 and   HRI CEN ISO/TR 25108.

By applying the requirements of those documents, Training Center successfully conducts training of the NDT personnel and enables qualification and certification to be undertaken by other institutions in accordance with relevant European and international standards (such as EN ISO 9712) and relevant regulations (e.g. PED 2014/68/EU). 

Education syllabus of the Training Center includes courses of six non-destructive methods (Electromagnetic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Visual Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, and Radiographic Testing) and three levels od certification according to the international standard EN ISO 9712.


Certification Center

Certification Center is oriented towards constant development and improvement in general and continuous enhancement of knowledge level and qualification of its members. All requirements of conformity assessment of certification process need to be met and should be applied to all levels of organizational structure, procedures and guidelines, assessments, decisions and complaints.


Certification Center has, according to HRN EN ISO 17024, adequate mechanisms for ensuring confidentiality of data gathered through its activities related to qualification on all levels, including the governing body of the Society.

All the information in the certification process is confidential and can be provided only with the written permission of the Center or in the case of legal provisions.


Between the certification procedures, expertise and competence of certified personnel in relation to the certification scheme are checked occasionally by the process of monitoring. This can include, but it is not limited to the following:

  1. The assessment of examination conduct in practice
  2. Information provided by the authorized bodies
  3. Professional development with or without an exam (consultation, workshops, seminars, courses etc.)
  4. Complaints and grievances from the interested parties
  5. Confirmation of continuous work and records on experience and skills
  6. Exams
  7. Verification of physical condition

Monitoring is conducted by the Certification Center or some other person authorized by it, and the monitoring results are recorded and notified to the Center, and if needed, to Board of Directors.

Misuse of certificates

Certification Center shall take appropriate measures in the event of incorrect references to certification systems or improper uses of certificates and certifications references in advertisements, catalogues etc. Such measures are, for example, corrective measures, publication of corrections, abolition of certification, and if necessary, legal actions.

Each candidate shall sign a statement of compliance with the requirements for the certification process (application form).

In their normative references Certification Center defines all the reasons and possible misuses that may result from the abolition and cancellation of certificates.


Certification Center has developed a system for record files and resolving complaints and grievances received from candidates, certified personnel or their employers or other users of the services.

CrSNDT as an association can exclude any of its members for serious or persistent violation of statutory provisions and activities which harm the reputation or work of the Society. Excluded members have the right to appeal to the Board of Directors.

Normative references for resolving complaints on the Center’s decisions are prescribed.


Certification Center shall request the certified personnel to keep records about all grievances expressed in relation to the granted certification. The Center also needs to be notified about grievances.

Grievances shall be received in a written form. Grievances will be processed by the Director of the Society and according to the type and severity, forwarded to the appropriate organizational unit of the Society. This organizational unit shall then submit its comment on the grievance to the Board of Directors which will reach a final decision.

Certification Center keeps records on all grievances and decisions reached.


Each member of the Society is entitled to an award for their scientific, professional or organizational work which contributes to the development and achievement of the Society’s objectives.

The award can be monetary or in the form of a special recognition. Special recognitions for non-destructive testing development are the following:

  1. “Božena Božiček” Award
  2. Honorary Member Award
  3. Meritorious Member Award
  4. Collective Member Recognition

Conditions under which awards are granted and relevant procedures are regulated by the Ordinance on awards and recognitions.